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Piezoelectric photo machine nozzle installation methods:
1, the installation of the piezoelectric photo machine heads are very critical , mainly because more expensive sprinklers , nozzles more finicky , installation errors will directly affect the normal print status jets. So we need to talk about EPSON piezoelectric photo machine nozzle installation methods [ more piezoelectric photo machine manufacturers , distributors, users are pictures of Piezo print head into our long-term , in order to facilitate the user to install sprinklers , the company has pressed electric sprinkler installation steps to burn a CD , free of charge to needy clients ] just follow the demo CD to install sprinklers is simple and convenient , 10 minutes to install in place.
2 , before installing piezo printheads , first make sure the machine is normal movement , the machine is connected to the ground very well , the car plate voltage is normal , the nozzle supply voltage is normal ! The easiest way is to use a multimeter to measure whether there is static, car plate voltage , supply voltage and the nozzle on the machine , the Five general Epson nozzle supply voltage 42V DC !
3 , various software testing machine movement is normal, a normal reading grating , the light is normal ! Installation Before installing the hands of those who want to be hands touch the conductive body discharges , the operator's hands can not have sweat or moisture , because the nozzle touch the cord is plugged sprinkler nozzle is likely to cause a short circuit ! Also remember not to wear plastic sheeting class easily from static clothing, preferably with both hands under the conditions permit electrostatic ring . When installed must first turn off the power and unplug the power cord to be !
4 , the sprinklers are generally less than two sprinklers data plug wire , wire thread insert checks whether the tilt of the pin , is flat , it is best to use the new plug wire , cable with plug inserted in the nozzle, do not plug firmly any tilt. Scale sprinkler head is generally of both sides of the line , contact with the circuit side , the other side does not touch the circuit , not the direction of error , be sure to check back a few times plugged in , make sure there is no problem in the rack sprinklers installed in the car .
5 , the head cable car plates : First turn off the power to the machine in case of no electricity to operate ! Not error position , corresponding to the position of the nozzle out of the line must be clear before you start , there is hesitation or doubt do not try to put something first , be sure to consult the manufacturer or ask the right plug wire location pictures, or demolition In addition to changing photographed before each line are marked with tag ! Prevent the plug when not start ! Because the consequences will be very serious , the possibility of errors once burned head very high, because the function of the nozzle line is not the same, is the inevitable burn inserted the wrong head ! There is not inserted in the direction of the head of the anti- fall , once inserted backwards despite that there might not burn the head , but also a probability . After plugging the line must be more checks.
6 , all installed after checking three to five times without any problems after confirmation on the power , do not open the nozzle first , first with ink pump ink primer over, and then open the nozzle supply if a power switch on the machine except , first check flash spray is normal, normal spray flash proved successful installation . Flash is not normal spray immediately turn off the power to check whether there are problems elsewhere , which is recognized in the state under the new jets.
7 , install sprinklers must be careful, pre-installation work a little less, and the job to be coherent .
8 , before the sprinklers installed to check whether the new nozzle is also very critical.
9 , insert the ink sac when the data do not allow the ink to drip line, because the ink will go down the data stream directly into the circuit , into the circuit may cause a short circuit burned directly head.
10 , the normal life of the piezoelectric photo machine heads about a year and a half or so. Choose high -quality ink , while more attention to the maintenance of machines and sprinklers , can prolong the life of the nozzle .

F186000---epson1900/2880 head surface is golden surface, corrosion-resistant shell. Oily head
F187000 --- epson4880, 7880,9880 head surface is golden surface, water shell
F160010 - epson4800, 7800,9800, head surface is gray-faced, water-based shell
F158000 - epson1800, 2400, the first surface is a gray-faced, water-based shell
F191000 - 9910 nozzles, epson sixth generation of piezoelectric photo machine heads
F188000 - Epson GS6000 original piezoelectric nozzle
F189010/F177000--epson seventh generation piezoelectric photo machine heads
F192040 - epson eighth piezoelectric photo machine heads
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